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Latest News

Wisborough Latest News to uplift and inspire you!

During the latest lockdown you may be finding it difficult to keep your spirits up, but we hope that that you are managing to stay safe and well during these troubled times 

Everyone has been touched by the events and the news about the Corona Virus pandemic which has devastated so many lives.  It has certainly made us think more deeply about living and dying well.  We have included a Transition Meditation which was written for a friend who was dying.  He found it helpful when he was unable to sleep, and at a recent online workshop people also found it useful.  

Our next Wisborough Conscious Leadership Programme in Spring 2021 has had to be postponed.  If you want to be a more self-aware leader who has the resilience and emotional intelligence to create the best conditions for your team go to Conscious Leadership and find out more about the Programme.  

At this time there is an even greater need for love and compassion, and we have been involved in a project in Ireland that takes this approach to the wellbeing of healthcare workers.  The approach helps staff to feel grounded in their own professional and personal wisdom, whilst acknowledging their innate capacity to feel deeply, connected, and congruent with their values and beliefs.   

Our Spring Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme has been postponed.  It is a good blend of skills and knowledge that uses current work situations to develop more positive conversations and skilful leaders who can bring out the best in their teams.  It may be just what you are looking for to help you be the best you can be.

Our free leadership workshop on 18th March 2021 in West Sussex has been postponed.

As usual there is a reminder about our Wisborough Conscious Achievement Coaching and lastly in Musings Over Breakfast - having the courage to keep trying.

What's in this "Latest News"?

·  Living and Dying Well  

·  New dates for the Spring 2021 Wisborough Conscious Leadership Programme to help you be a more mindful and successful leader

·  Restorative and Conscious Care

·  New dates for the Spring 2021 Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme to help you motivate yourself and your team

.   Free leadership workshop in West Sussex 

·  Coaching How the Wisborough approach could help you be true to yourself and be the best that you can be

·   Musings over breakfast – having the courage to keep trying

    why choose Wisborough?

Living and Dying well

Recently we did an online dialogue and workshop supporting healthcare professionals; especially for those in the caring professions, palliative care and hospice workers, GPs, Chaplains, undertakers, grief counsellors, and those who are caring for dying friends or family.  This was organised by the Janki Foundation for Global Healthcare.

A Peaceful Death

People often have different thoughts about where and how they would like to die.  What most would agree is that they would like to have a peaceful death.  What does that mean and how can we prepare ourselves to make that easier.  We explored how we can live and die well.

Following our conversation, we shared a Transition meditation to settle people in readiness to share, in small groups, their thoughts about living and dying well.  Here is the transition meditation.  It was written for a friend who was dying.  He recorded Chrissie saying the words so that he could listen to them when he couldn’t sleep at night.  He found it soothing and uplifting.

Transition Meditation

We call on our Guides, our unseen friends, and our guardian Angels to be with us, and to surround us with love this afternoon as we share this transition meditation. 

As you settle gently into your body, just become aware of your breathing … the air drifting in and the air drifting out, gently and peacefully … There is no hurry … you have all the time in the world as we sit here together ... And as you do so you are drawn to a beautiful space inside your body, it may be in your heart or in your tummy … in that space you know that there is only peace and calm and stillness … you are safe here.  You are very safe.  You are always safe … This is your own special place where you are always safe and connected to the deepest part of your Being …. Just feel it, so calm and peaceful, restful, and still. 

This is a place where sound and shapes have a special meaning for you ... This is your own inner sanctuary … Here you can be your own true self … and connect with that mystical and spiritual part of your inner being … the part of you which is always light and free and at peace … For that space is timeless and infinite … and full of love, unbounded, infinite love …. And that love is for you ... that love is you … and that love surrounds you ... So, you can let go into it and feel it, experience it and know that you are safe ...   

In this safe space of love and deep connection you can surrender … you can surrender any misunderstandings … any judgements … any regrets, … just let them go … you can surrender any concerns that you have … begin to let them go … you can surrender any fears that you have … let them go … allow all these concerns and fears to be transformed with compassion into pure love …  

Know that you have served your family well … that you have served your friends well … you have served the world well … know that you have made a positive difference to the world … Know that you are loved and appreciated … feel this love and appreciation … for now it is time to let go of any need for action and service to others … this is time now just for you … let go and draw closer to the light and love … it is time to just be … Just let yourself rest in love … you are safe … 

May this peace surround you

May this light shine within you and guide you on your way.

May your soul be held in love as you reach the light.

And may you know the deep, deep joy of having passed this way.

We give thanks to our Guides, our unseen friends, and our guardian Angels for your gentle love surrounding and holding us all this afternoon.

If you would like to explore living well, dying well or being present as someone makes the transition contact us or email or call us on (44) 01798 872 266.

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New dates for the Spring 2021 Wisborough Conscious Leadership Programme to help you be a more mindful and successful leader POSTPONED

The Conscious Leadership Programme will help you question what is important to you as a leader.  It will increase your emotional intelligence, make your relationships more effective, and help you be authentic as you use your values to deal with difficult situations with integrity. 

The Conscious Leadership Programme, run by Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt, uses new concepts of leadership to develop successful leaders. This is a cutting edge programme for managers to discover their natural leadership qualities and to learn skills to enhance them. Each workshop is limited to six places to ensure maximum benefit to each delegate.

“The course offers a unique opportunity for deep and intense work in a small group of fellow professionals, and stresses both personal and professional development. It is a combination of lectures, group dialogue, and experiential exercises, as much a deep and life-transforming experience as a training course.”

The new dates for the Conscious Leadership Programme

The Conscious Leadership Programme is divided into 3 modules to give you time to embed the learning in the workplace and see the results as you go along.  This has  been POSTPONED:

Using your Emotions to Create Success – 15th & 16th April

Making & Maintaining Positive Relationships – 6th & 7th May

Influencing with Integrity – 27th & 28th May

The cost is £2200 or £1950 if booked six weeks before the first module.  If you think it’s time that you became not just a good leader, but a great one come on the Conscious Leadership Programme.  Go to contact us or email or call us on 44 (0)1798 872 266 to find out more or to book your place.  For more info click here 

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Restorative and Conscious Caring

Self-Care Champions

We have been working on a project in Ireland to help self-care champions promote restorative care in healthcare.  Self-care is not a selfish approach to life, but a way of enhancing life so that you have more to give to others.  Mary Prendergast, a Director of Nursing, Innovation & Research has instigated a Restorative Conscious Caring Programme for Staff in the Health Service Executive (HSE). 

This on-going project is overtly founded on compassion and love.  Over the last ten years, Mary Prendergast has organised an annual conference on compassion in healthcare.  This has led to an accreditation of healthcare centres and hospitals that can show a sustainable culture of self-care and conscious caring.  A Programme has been introduced for all levels of staff and many different disciplines.  The programme consists of a 1-day 12 Steps of Restoration Programme, the 3-day Conscious Caring Programme and the training and development of self-care champions.  Teams are also offered the opportunity to do restorative practice as part of their training days.

Restorative & Conscious Caring Programme


The programme aims to facilitate staff to feel grounded in their own professional and personal wisdom, while exploring their innate capacity to feel deeply, and understand their values and beliefs.  It aims to help staff think clearly and act with integrity, while demonstrating high standards of professional care and behaviour. It supports physical and emotional health to ensure restorative self-care needs are met

Benefits to Staff Well Being

The focus is on understanding the nature of stress and increasing awareness of stress management, resilience and self-care. Staff are introduced to concepts, models and techniques of collaborative solution focussed self-development and nurture.

It supports, motivates, and sustains staff to initiate appropriate change by encouraging staff to maintain and restore themselves using the techniques and tools offered in the programme.  The focus therefore encourages staff to take responsibility for their own wellbeing with the support of the organisation.

Benefits to the Organisation

The Programme is now seen as a valuable training resource which can be used to improve recruitment and retention of staff by using self-care champions and initiatives to create restorative working environments.  A service accreditation process has been introduced and the first awards were given in 2020.  There is a bronze, silver, and gold level of accreditation.

Completing the various stages of the accreditation journey enables a real recognition of services and their achievements in restorative practice as examples of best practice both within their own organisation and beyond. The Restorative Practice Accreditation process has been shown to be relevant for staff wellbeing, as well as governance & management.

Accreditation provides a reward to the service area for their commitment to promoting and facilitating the practice of self-care management.  Organisations and service areas provide evidence that the programme is established, ongoing and sustainable in their organisations. They can also provide data of any other wellbeing and restoration programmes they feel have credibility and would like the accreditation team to consider.  

We think that this approach to staff wellbeing is essential during the difficult times and stresses that healthcare is currently facing.  We’d like to say “thank you”, and  congratulate Mary Prendergast on her vision and determination to establish such a caring and sensitive approach to meet the wellbeing needs of healthcare staff  at the moment.   

If you would like to know more about the Restorative Conscious Caring Programme give us a call on 44 (0)1798 872266 or contact us or e-mail 

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How the Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme could help motivate you and your team  - new Spring 2021 dates are POSTPONED

 Leadership is about hearts and minds. It is about consciously helping people to really engage with their work and the success of the company. As a leader you need to have the resilience and interpersonal skills to create the right conditions to help your people build a better future.

The Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme will give you the insights and skills you need to help everyone give their best performance, and achieve the results you want.  Every Programme is tailored to meet individual and organisational needs.  We’ve been running and developing this Programme for ten years and people are always delighted with the results.

Benefits of the Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme

Here are some comments from delegates about how the Wisborough Programme has transformed the way they work.  

 “It has got me thinking completely differently about myself, and my staff, and how I can manage them.”

“It takes the theoretical to the practical in the workplace.”

 “It has shown me that a lot of time we do know how people feel, but we don’t acknowledge it and so people think we don’t care.”

 “It has given us great skills to manage our own different situations at work.”

“It makes us be realistic about our feelings and how they affect our decisions and our behaviour.”

“This is thought provoking for everyone as it isn’t the way we usually work with people.  It develops a maturity with everyday actions in the organisation.”

How does this transformation happen?  

Day 1: will identify your leadership qualities, show you how to manage your emotions and build powerful relationships within your teams by communicating in ways that create real understanding and action. 

Day 2: will help you understand how to motivate your team to get the best long term results, and will give you time to practise your skills with your real issues. 

Then you will have a couple of weeks to practise your skills back at your workplace and see some great results ready for

Day 3: to show you how to take your team with you through times of change, how to resolve conflict, and how you can use your power to influence as you continue to develop your skills. 

The Programme uses the Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership model to help you create a harmonious and highly productive team and organisation.  After completing the Programme you will regularly review your progress with follow-up emails and questionnaires. 

Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme in Sussex The Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme in Coldwaltham, UK is POSTPONED.  If you would like to know more please give us a call on 44 (0)1798 872266 or contact us or e-mail headed "Positive & Powerful Leadership"

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    Free Conscious Leadership Skills Workshop in Sussex to help you manage conflict with ease - 18th March 2021 POSTPONED

    When times are difficult do you just react or can you be a Conscious Leader?  Can you maintain your integrity in difficult situations?  Do you want to feel more confident?

    If you want people to be motivated and to work together more positively and productively, and you want your relationships to work well for you, join us on the Wisborough Free 2 hour Conscious Leadership workshop in West Sussex on 18th March 2021 - POSTPONED

    “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” Dale Carnegie

    This seminar will help you to:

    -  Deal with difficult people and situations more easily so that you can have those  conversations you have been avoiding

    -  Manage your feelings when they get in the way

    -  Manage conflict

    -  Understand what is happening in your relationships

    - Use skills to improve your relationships and get the best out of people

    How to book your place on the Wisborough Free Conscious Leadership Skills Workshop 

    Book your free place with Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt at Wisborough now.  Please phone 01798 872266 or go to contact us or email headed "Free Workshop"  

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      How our approach to coaching could help you be true to yourself and be the best that you can be

     Make the most of your coachWhat do you want from a good coach? Someone to encourage and support you? Someone to help you transform your perception? Someone to help you clarify your goals?

     How do you want your coach to work with you?  You know that you want them to ask you questions. You know that you want them to really listen and understand what you are trying to say. Perhaps you would like to do some visualisations to really embed some new ideas.

    When do you want to work with your coach? You would like to be able to meet or speak on the phone at a time to suit you, perhaps at the beginning or the end of the day. You would like to have time in between sessions to practise some new skills. You would like to have a set number of sessions, and then time to review the way forward.

    enjoying a coaching session"I wanted to thank you for your time today.  I have come away with some very useful tools which will help me improve my way of handling those difficult situations/ people.  I understood the model you used and can relate it to my own position in the lab. You were superb at explaining it all and I really felt that you understood my own situation.  I will start practicing and know that one day it will become more of a habit."

    What do you want to focus on with your coach? You would like to understand yourself better, learn some new skills, and be more confident. You would like to know how to get the best out of your relationships. You would like to solve some current problems, become less stressed, and be more successful.

    If all this sounds like you, and what you would like from your coach contact us or call 01798 872 266 or email headed "coaching" Looking forward to helping you be more positive and maintain that positivity throughout 2020.

    Musings Over Breakfast  - Having the courage to keep trying

    At the moment, people are finding it hard to keep going, and often feel that life is too difficult.  The mood can be low.  So, we thought you might find these words helpful.  Over the year we’ve used the Serenity Prayer many times to help us rebalance our thoughts but we had never seen the last lines of this until a friend recently sent us the words.  Hope that you find them encouraging too.

    Grant me the Serenity

    to accept the things I cannot change,

    the Courage

    to change the things I can

    and the Wisdom to know

    the difference.

    Grant me patience

    with the changes that take time,

    Appreciation of all that I have,

    Tolerance of those with different struggles

    and the Strength

    to get up and try again,

    one day at a time.

    We hope that you find peaceful moments in your day to quiet and calm you, so that you can appreciate all you have, and keep going during these difficult times.  

    Go well 

    Chrissie & Richard

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