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Latest News

Wisborough Latest News to uplift and inspire you!

In November there will be another conference on compassion in Ireland and we shall be going to speak about our chapter in the book that will be launched then – Sharing Compassion: 10 Years of International Collaboration Fostering Hope in Clinical Practice.  Now, you might like to check out our talk last year on a Compassionate Approach to Leadership.  We believe we are all leaders as we all have a sphere of influence, and so we show how we can all create an environment of kindness to lift everyone’s spirits in the workplace, at home and in our communities. So, just click on the link for our talk.

What do you bring to all your meetings with people?  Do you create harmony, raise the energy of people around you, take  responsibility for yourself and your actions, and solve problems in original ways?  

If you do you are probably making a big contribution to the success and well being of your team, your community, or your family.   Here are some questions you could ask yourself to see how you can do even more to make a positive difference.  

Our next Wisborough Conscious Leadership Programme will start in the Autumn on 6th & 7th September.  If you want to be a more self-aware leader who has the resilience and emotional intelligence to create the perfect conditions for your team to be able to succeed with ease go to Conscious Leadership and find out more about the Programme.

How many positive conversations have you had in the last week?  Conversations are another way you can make a positive difference every day.     

The Autumn Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme,  on 11th, 12th, & 29th October, is a good blend of skills and knowledge that uses current work situations to develop more sensitive and skilful leaders to bring out the best in their teams.  It may be just what you are looking for to help you be the best you can be.

As usual there is a reminder about our Wisborough Conscious Achievement Coaching and lastly Musings over Breakfast asks Is life all about contrasts rather than good or bad experiences?

What's in this "Latest News"?

·     Make a positive difference

·     Conscious Leadership - New dates for the Autumn Wisborough Programme to help you  be a more mindful and successful leader

·     Positive conversations

·     Positive & Powerful Leadership New dates for the Autumn Wisborough Prrogramme to help you motivate yourself and your team

·    Coaching - How the Wisborough approach could help you be true to yourself and be the best that you can be

·     Musings over breakfast  - is life all about contrasts rather than good or bad experiences?

    why choose Wisborough?

Make a positive difference

What do you bring to all your meetings with people?  Do you create harmony, raise the energy of people around you, take  responsibility for yourself and your actions, and solve problems in original ways.  If you do you are probably making a big contribution to the success and well being of your team, your community, or your family.   Here are some questions you could ask yourself to see how you can do even more to make a positive difference.


Ask yourself “Have I created Harmony?”  For instance: 

·         Have my actions matched my words? 

·         Have I resolved conflicts readily and skilfully? 

·         Have I behaved assertively towards others? 

·         Have I stood in my own power, rather than trying to take someone else's, or have power over someone? 

·         Have I managed to see the person, rather than just the problem?

·         Have I been able to suspend blame of myself or others?

·         Have I valued myself and others?



Ask yourself “Have I raised Energy?”  For instance:

·         Have I brought a positive energy and approach to situations and people?  Have I practised positive thinking? 

·         Have I recharged my batteries with exercise?

·         Have I brought calmness to others?

·         Have I used meditation, or some other practise to become peaceful?

.     Have I laughed, and brought a touch of lightness and exuberance? 

                                             Stepping Up!


Ask yourself “Have I taken Responsibility?”  For instance:

·         Have I stepped up to the line, and taken responsibility for my actions?  Have I consciously practised my values? 

·         Have I willingly done what's needed to be done? 

·         Have I made a commitment to do my best? 

·         Have I taken responsibility for m thoughts and feelings?

·         Have I been self-aware? 

Be the Change!


Ask yourself “Have I shown Originality?” For instance:

·         Have I been creative? 

·         Have I shown resourcefulness? 

·         Have I taken an innovative approach to a problem? 

·         Have I been bold? 

·         Have I helped others to generate new ideas? 

·         Have I been authentic - my original self?  

·         Have I suspended my assumptions and seen the whole situation?

How do these questions make a positive difference to a company?

Organisations that encourage people to ask questions like these don't need people to bureaucratically follow the rules.  People naturally find themselves making a positive 

contribution to the success of the organisation.  By simply encouraging people to consider such questions they become more conscious of what they are doing and begin to maintain standards without having to refer to “the rules.

When people work in this way organisations feel different, and people want to work in them.  They know that it’s a good place to work, where what they do is valued and appreciated, and there is a positive culture of success.   This, in turn, leads to higher performance and greater commitment. 

Try regularly asking yourself these questions and encouraging your team to ask them, and see what happens over the next three months.  Do let us know how you get on and what changes occur.   Go to contact us or Email or call us on (44) 01798 872 266

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New dates for the Autumn Wisborough Conscious Leadership Programme to help you be a more mindful and successful leader

The Conscious Leadership Programme will help you question what is important to you as a leader.  It will increase your emotional intelligence, make your relationships more effective, and help you be authentic as you use your values to deal with difficult situations with integrity. 

The Conscious Leadership Programme, run by Chrissie McGinn & Richard Hewitt, uses new concepts of leadership to develop successful leaders. This is a cutting edge programme for managers to discover their natural leadership qualities and to learn skills to enhance them. Each workshop is limited to six places to ensure maximum benefit to each delegate.

“The course offers a unique opportunity for deep and intense work in a small group of fellow professionals, and stresses both personal and professional development. It is a combination of lectures, group dialogue, and experiential exercises, as much a deep and life-transforming experience as a training course.”

The new dates for the Conscious Leadership Programme

The Conscious Leadership Programme is divided into 3 modules to give you time to embed the learning in the workplace and see the results as you go along.  The dates are:

6th & 7th September  Using your Emotions to Create Success

27th & 28th September  Making & Maintaining Positive Relationships

18th & 19th October     Using Your Wisdom

The cost is £2200 or £1950 if booked six weeks before the first module.  If you think it’s time that you became not just a good leader, but a great one come on the Conscious Leadership Programme.  Go to contact us or Email or call us on 44 (0)1798 872 266 to find out more or to book your place.  For more info click here 

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Having positive conversations

How many positive conversations have you had in the last 24 hours.  Hopefully, you’ve had lots because positive conversations give people good feelings, and research shows that people need at least 3 positive feelings to every negative one to leave them with a sense of balance and optimism about life.

What you say to your team and colleagues makes a difference to the level of optimism they have about the possibility of achieving their goals.  So, if you want to inspire them why not use a 3 part statement* to make a sincere positive comment to encourage optimism and a “can-do” attitude.  Then at the end of the day you can recall how often you have left someone with a positive feeling.  That will  leave you feeling good too!  

Another thought - As you know, what we say to ourselves has a huge effect on our moods.  Finish some of the following sentences and see how you feel when you hear yourself saying them (silently to yourself) as if you have finished the sentence with an exclamation mark!

*     -   Isn’t it great that I can …

*     -   Isn’t it great that I am able to …

*      -  Isn’t it great that we like doing …

*     -   Isn’t it great that we have time for …

Somehow these sentences are more uplifting than “I’m grateful for …” or “I appreciate …”.  

“Isn’t it great that …” seems to make us smile and feel good.  Try it and see how it changes your energy. 

*If you would like us to send you some examples of 3 part statements to help you have more positive conversations give us a call on 44 (0)1798 872266 or contact us or e-mail 

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How the Autumn Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme could help motivate you and your team  - new Autumn dates for the UK -  11th, 12th & 29th October

 Leadership is about hearts and minds. It is about consciously helping people to really engage with their work and the success of the company. As a leader you need to have the resilience and interpersonal skills to create the right conditions to help your people build a better future.

The Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme will give you the insights and skills you need to help everyone give their best performance, and achieve the results you want.  Every Programme is tailored to meet individual and organisational needs.  We’ve been running this Programme for over five years and people are always delighted with the results.

Benefits of the Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme

Here are some comments from delegates about how the Wisborough Programme has transformed the way they work.  

 “It has got me thinking completely differently about myself, and my staff, and how I can manage them.”

“It takes the theoretical to the practical in the workplace.”

 “It has shown me that a lot of time we do know how people feel, but we don’t acknowledge it and so people think we don’t care.”

 “It has given us great skills to manage our own different situations at work.”

“It makes us be realistic about our feelings and how they affect our decisions and our behaviour.”

“This is thought provoking for everyone as it isn’t the way we usually work with people.  It develops a maturity with everyday actions in the organisation.”

How does this transformation happen?  

Day 1: will identify your leadership qualities, show you how to manage your emotions and build powerful relationships within your teams by communicating in ways that create real understanding and action. 

Day 2: will help you understand how to motivate your team to get the best long term results, and will give you time to practise your skills with your real issues. 

Then you will have a couple of weeks to practise your skills back at your workplace and see some great results ready for

Day 3: to show you how to take your team with you through times of change, how to resolve conflict, and how you can use your power to influence as you continue to develop your skills. 

The Programme uses the Wisborough Positive & Powerful Leadership model to help you create a harmonious and highly productive team and organisation.  After completing the Programme you will regularly review your progress with follow-up emails and questionnaires. 

Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme in Sussex, UK

There will be a Positive & Powerful Leadership Programme in Coldwaltham, UK on 11th, 12th & 29th October at a special rate of £999.  If you would like to know more please give us a call on 01798 872266 or contact us or e-mail headed "Positive & Powerful Leadership"

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      How our approach to coaching could help you be true to yourself and be the best that you can be

     Make the most of your coachWhat do you want from a good coach? Someone to encourage and support you? Someone to help you transform your perception? Someone to help you clarify your goals?

     How do you want your coach to work with you?  You know that you want them to ask you questions. You know that you want them to really listen and understand what you are trying to say. Perhaps you would like to do some visualisations to really embed some new ideas.

    When do you want to work with your coach? You would like to be able to meet or speak on the phone at a time to suit you, perhaps at the beginning or the end of the day. You would like to have time in between sessions to practise some new skills. You would like to have a set number of sessions, and then time to review the way forward.

    enjoying a coaching session"I wanted to thank you for your time today.  I have come away with some very useful tools which will help me improve my way of handling those difficult situations/ people.  I understood the model you used and can relate it to my own position in the lab. You were superb at explaining it all and I really felt that you understood my own situation.  I will start practicing and know that one day it will become more of a habit."

    What do you want to focus on with your coach? You would like to understand yourself better, learn some new skills, and be more confident. You would like to know how to get the best out of your relationships. You would like to solve some current problems, become less stressed, and be more successful.

    If all this sounds like you, and what you would like from your coach contact us or call 01798 872 266 or email headed "coaching" Looking forward to helping you be more positive and maintain that positivity throughout 2014.

    Is life all about contrasts rather than good or bad experiences?

    So, here we are at the moment, having had some ups and downs this year.  Great time in Oz at the beginning of the year, lots of health issues and hospital appointments since we came back.  Yes, Australia was great.  The house we rented was lovely, right by the riverside.  Our lifestyle was fun; going to the theatre, visiting places, attending local events, and spending time with good friends.

    But is it better?  Here, we also have a lovely house with a garden and views to the Downs.  Very different.  We go to concerts and the theatre in a totally different way.  We see family and different friends.  True we haven’t been so well at times, but it’s reminded us to appreciate our health, make the most of opportunities that present themselves and to only do what’s really important to us.

    Perhaps neither is better.  Perhaps both are just wonder-fully different, and it is the contrast that helps us appreciate each.  You can’t appreciate light without dark, high without low, or silence without noise.

    We hope that you are enjoying the contrasts in your life and that we shall perhaps see you soon on one of our workshops

    Go well

    Chrissie & Richard

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