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Conscious Changes for a Great Life!

Learn new skills, manage your feelings, be confident with a healthy lifestyle

A unique, inspiring, and encouraging course, to give you the skills to look after yourself nutritionally and emotionally.

Make changes in your life to increase your self-esteem and confidence.  Feel positive and achieve your own goals.

Would you like to:

·         Eat for optimum health and a healthy body weight?

·         Feel calm and motivated?

·         Have the confidence to achieve your own goals?

·         Motivate yourself to stay on track?

If you have answered “YES!” to any of these questions then this supportive course starting on 21st June may be just what you are looking for.

"I've gained practical solutions to deal with my everyday situations."

"You showed us how Emotional Intelligence  theories can be grounded in practical skills that  we are able to use every day.”  

"Knowing that we have your support in the future gives us much more confidence"

The practicalities

· This inspiring course will be delivered by Chrissie McGinn of Wisborough Transformation and Rachael Scott of FRESH Nutrition in Coldwaltham (RH20 1LP) over 10 weeks (five fortnightly sessions).  

· The first session takes place over a day and the following sessions will each be three hours.  It is designed to be progressive, building on the skills developed each session, and will be adapted to suit the needs of the group.  

·  The cost for Day 1 is £70 and thereafter £45 per three hour session.  

·  The Start date: Tuesday, 21st June.  Topics to be covered include:

          ·         The mind gut link

·         The power of conscious choices

·         Foods to promote good mood

·         Managing your thoughts and feelings to change your  behaviour

·         Oils, the missing link

·         Creating appreciation loops to feel good

·         Water and its importance in relation to thoughts and feelings

          ·         Motivating yourself to keep on track

On-Going Support  Following the Programme, we offer  email and telephone contact, plus regular email reminders  to help you continue to maintain Conscious Changes for a Great Life!  – all at no extra cost.

Why not Contact us Chrissie McGinn 01798 872266 or Rachael Scott 01903 744426 to find out more about the course programme or visit

Chrissie McGinn & Rachael Scott have teamed up to share with you their wealth of knowledge and experience.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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